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Bodybuilding Shows Should Be More Like Girlfriends

By Jea Jung – I’m not the only one thinking it; I’m one of the few saying it and I’m the only one doing something about it. Bodybuilding shows are fucking boring and this is my humble solution.


  1. The kill should be as fun as the hunt.
  2. The next best thing to doing it is watching it.
  3. And when it’s over – closure.
  4. THE KILL. All bodybuilders love to train, but about 1% of them actually enjoy twirling around in man panties. We all started with the same passion for the iron, the brotherhood and sisterhood of the shared journey, the bond that is formed from shared suffering. We love the hunt. But the thrill of the kill should be equally pleasurable.
  5. DOING IT. All fitness athletes are masochists, whether they want to admit it or not. We love the process; we love the pain. The pain of the hunger. The pain of the workouts. The pain of physical sacrifice for the future version of ourselves. But where is the human sacrifice in posing in front of a panel of judges? Boring. Boring to do and even more boring to watch. The next best thing to having sex is watching sex. The next best thing to competing should be watching our fellow warriors compete.
  6. CLOSURE. There is a reason why bodybuilders act like pageant contestants at shows – because they’re in a pageant. The effeminate posturing, the keyboard battles, the passive aggressive ridiculousness. There is an obvious reason for this non-sportsmanlike behavior, and it has nothing to do with the athletes. The ambiguity of judging simply leaves all participants with an open-ended outcome that is why bodybuilding will never be a real sport. When decades old Mr. Olympia competitions are still a topic of debate, it’s beyond comprehension why the format has not evolved. With real athletes, real metrics, transparent scoring and the absence of human politics (opinion, interpretation, agenda, corruption) there is closure. And with closure – mutual athlete respect.


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