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Chiropractic Care for Car Accident Injuries

Chiropractic care was a relatively new concept if we talk about it a decade back. Many people hesitated to visit a chiropractor and assuming whether the treatment can bring any benefits. Today, things are different and several people look forward to chiropractic care not only for any injuries but for the general well-being as well which is simply amazing.

If you are involved in an unfortunate car accident, you are more likely to be concerned about the wellbeing of other people and the damage to the vehicle instead of thinking about your health and safety. While most severe injuries are obvious, others are often masked by the adrenaline rush and you may not be able to feel any pain at the moment. However, ignoring these conditions can result in long-term issues. Remember not every injury is obvious.

In many cases, the symptoms start appearing after a few days, weeks, or even months. The very first thing you should consider doing is to visit nearby chiropractic and primary care clinics and go through a physical examination. It’s important to get your injuries diagnosed and evaluated on time. Many people prefer visiting a chiropractor for these injuries and certainly for good reasons. Here’s why!


One most common car accident injury is whiplash. In the case of acute whiplash, a chiropractic doctor primarily focuses on minimizing inflammation. They are more likely to use therapy modalities – one is definitely ultrasound. The treatment further includes gentle stretching and manual therapies. In addition to the treatment program, they will guide you on how to speed up the overall recovery process. For instance, they may ask you to use light neck support or go for an ice pack technique. As soon as the pain is reduced, they probably work on spinal manipulation and related techniques to restore the normal functionality of the body.

Reduces Inflammation

In a car accident, many people suffer from another common type of injury involving micro-tears in the ligaments. These injuries may not be even diagnosed in the X-rays. This is one of the most common reasons why people are often confused when their diagnostic tests are normal yet they are feeling extreme pain. A chiropractor will frequently use spinal manipulation techniques for effective spinal cord realignment. This will reduce any painful symptoms and inflammation in the body.

Avoid Long-Term Pain

At times, minor accident injuries can become chronic if left untreated. For instance, you may suffer from whiplash for many years to come if you fail to acquire proper medical treatment on time. The chronic condition can result in both physical and emotional damage. Consulting a chiropractic doctor immediately after an automobile accident can prevent these conditions to become prolonged. Your doctor will identify the root cause of the problem and treat the injury before it can lead to a long-term problem.

Neck Injury

We have commonly heard about jerking head movement in an accident. This sudden movement can result in acute or severe neck injury damaging the neck and surrounding muscles. The pain is not only limited to the neck rather it soon radiates throughout the body. A chiropractor helps in realignment your neck muscles using a natural holistic approach. They will use x-rays along with other diagnostic techniques for careful evaluation. If there are any misaligned bones, they will carry out gentle manipulation to realign them safely.

Knee Pain

The impulsive impact of a car accident may cause knee pain or injury particularly if your knee has hit the dashboard or any other objects in the car. These injuries damage the kneecap or ligaments causing intense pain. Many of these injuries are treated with physical therapy. If ignored even for some time, they can lead to long-term painful conditions, and consequently, you will find it difficult to walk or run comfortably. Seeking proper chiropractic care help in healing the knee ligaments, muscles, and joints. By actively participating in physical therapy sessions, you can return back to normal physical activity soon since it speeds up the recovery process. In critical cases, you may need to undergo surgery. However, do consult a chiropractor before choosing surgery.

Muscles Pain

Many people prefer consulting a chiropractic doctor because of muscle pain and discomfort. The trauma of an accident can cause soft tissue strains and sprains that require proper medical treatment. A strain is a chronic soft tissue injury that results from excessive stretching or muscle tearing. On the other hand, a sprain is much similar to a ligament injury. These injuries typically require 6-12 weeks for complete recovery. In severe cases, the recovery duration can be longer.

Back Injury

In a car accident, you may experience many expected and unexpected injuries. Well, back injuries are the most common ones. When visiting a chiropractor, they help you realign the spine, improve mobility and relieve pain. The entire treatment program may not even require any addictive pain medication. Your lower spine is comparatively more delicate and susceptible to damage and therefore realignment can help in reducing pain throughout the body. You may want to consider neurology in San Antonio as well.

Arm or Leg injuries

From crashing your leg to breaking an arm bone, there is a lot happening in an automobile accident. Whether you are suffering from arm or leg injuries or any unexplained injury, it’s important to undergo spinal adjustments. A human body is interconnected and proper realignment helps in pain relief and restoring the body’s normal functions.

Restore Range of Motion

As soon as the chiropractor evaluates and treats inflammation, they will focus on your existing range of mobility. This way, inflammation won’t be able to slow down the recovery process and your blood and nutrients will find a way for proper flow. Once your neck and spine undergo chiropractic adjustment, it begins the body’s healing process naturally. The lost range of mobility can be restored in the best possible way.

Chiropractic Care and Treatment

When you visit a chiropractor for the injuries discussed above or any other, here’s what you can expect.

Spinal Manipulation: The technique focuses on realigning the vertebrae of the spine. These adjustments improve communication between the brain and other areas of the body which not only restores the body functionality but speeds up the process as well. The technique reduces pressure on the muscles and joints and helps them get pain-free.

Physical Rehabilitation: This is another important technique primarily involving exercises and stretches to help the patient recover mobility and improve their muscle strength especially the affected ones. The best part about these sessions is that they can be followed from the comfort of home which can significantly contribute to the overall healing process.

Acupressure Therapy: The therapy helps in comforting the tight and injured muscles. The rehabilitation focuses on increased blood flow to the injured areas of the body and improves mobility. You are more likely to feel stress-free and relaxed.

Lifestyle & Nutritional Advice: Your chiropractor will advise you on what activities to adopt and what to avoid during this recovery phase. At the same time, they will guide you to the right nutrition intake that can help you stay healthy.

Wrapping Up

Chiropractors are experienced professionals to treat a wide range of conditions and help in recovering as quickly as possible. Using their expertise, they can help you with overall pain management. If you have read this far, you must be familiar with how chiropractic care and treatment can bring many benefits when it comes to car accident injuries. People who commonly receive chiropractic manipulations and adjustments along with following an active lifestyle tend to recover better.

While drugs and medications can provide short-term relief, chiropractic care focuses on treating the underlying issue that may become a long-term problem. Here chiropractic treatment can be your very first line of defense when fighting against any medical conditions especially those that have happened during an accident. This can be definitely the best way to battle any long-term suffering.

Finally, we would say that automobile accidents whether minor or major are increasing every year. The situation is alarming and should be taken seriously. It’s important for drivers to be extra careful with their wellbeing and the people with them and around. At the end of the day, nothing comes before your health so it’s always better to stay well informed and vigilant.

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