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The Chances for That Are Small, but Still – How to Beat Bookmakers?

Anyone who thinks that sports betting is a painless and carefree job that brings easy money ‘on the side’ is greatly mistaken. This is simply because it has never been easy to make winning at a bookmaker and, with the development of the Internet and online bookmakers as its product, this task has become even more difficult for bettors around the world.

According to some statistics, almost 95 % of people who practice sports betting are in the ‘red’ one way or another and those numbers show how hard it is to beat the best online bookmakers in the long run. Still, that 5 % who manage to win and be profitable at the bookmaker are a sufficient indicator that something like this is possible. So how do you win at a bookmaker and how do you beat the best online bookmakers nowadays?

Focus On Mistakes

One thing is for sure – there is no perfect sports bettor, nor the person who is sinless. Quite simply, every person who practices sports betting has its advantages and disadvantages.

Nowadays, you will find a large number of people on the Internet who sell their picks and claim to have managed to beat the system and make large amounts of money from sports betting. Almost all of these people who claim so are simply fraudsters, who make a profit from the money people pay them for picks, not from their own betting.

In order for someone to be a successful sports bettor and to be able to constantly win at the bookmaker, it is necessary to have, in addition to undisputed talent, also great discipline. He must be able to focus on his mistakes and work on himself and on perfecting his betting tactics every day. The best sports bettors in the world are not ‘loud’, they do not advertise, and do not stand out – they simply place their bets and scoop a profit every day.

Find the Right Sport for Betting

A sports bettor who is good in all sports and all competitions of all countries has not yet been born – there is no one who is good, e.g. in women’s tennis, Filipino basketball, and Bolivian soccer. Quite simply, people who bet so much on anything and everything are nothing more than addicted gamblers and are not successful, no matter how much they claim they are. The world’s best bettors are experts in one sport and a maximum of two or three leagues. They follow those leagues, they read all the news, and they know what trends can be expected every week.

Another interesting thing is that it is better to choose a league and sport that are not planetarily popular. Everyone thinks they can be experts on the Bundesliga or the Premier League, but few follow Bolivian soccer or the second division of the Spanish basketball league. You will have an advantage against sports bookmakers if you become an expert for such an exotic league.

In Sports Betting, Less Is More

There is no profitable sports bettor who plays two games every day. It is simply impossible to find value and a match that is good enough to put money on it every day.

The true ratio of the number of bets during the month is between 10 and 20. That way, you will avoid those suspicious matches and play only the ones you are most confident about.

Don’t Place Your Bets With Your Heart, but Rather With Your Head

It is easiest to win at a bookmaker if you can only bet with your head. When emotions are avoided, then you become much more effective in sports betting.

So, the moment you manage to exclude emotions from sports betting, you will be well on your way to becoming better than you are at the moment.

Carefully Choose Sports Bookmakers

It is very important to understand the concept of value betting and the margins that sports bookmakers have. The best online bookmakers strive to be more competitive than others and to offer their players better terms than others.

For example, there are sports bookmakers that are best when it comes to low margins and high limits. Also, there are those sports bookmakers that stand out for their high odds and low margins. You can find both types of bookmakers here, where you can also find bookmakers that employ modern payment methods and offer them to bettors.


As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is easy to think that sports betting is an activity that can easily be done with great success.

To be successful in sports betting and to win at a sports bookmaker, you need a lot more than basic knowledge – you need to have a little luck and a lot of knowledge.

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