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Power and Greed: Overdoing It With Steroids and Coming Off Cold Turkey

Daylight and sound simultaneously begin the day as the alarm clock and the open curtains wake him from a sound and relaxing sleep. Being middle aged, he does his best to get enough rest to recuperate from what has become a tougher chore as the years have passed. The morning workout awaits and so does another full day without ‘it.’


What exactly is that referring to, you may be asking yourselves? Well, it is certainly pluralized in this case and covers both the physical and psychological. But in many instances (this hypothetical scenario included), there is no one to blame but himself.





It is not uncommon for a male over the age of 35 to be on a regiment of testosterone replacement therapy from a physician. Once a male hits that many candles on his birthday cake, the natural testosterone level goes down more and more each year and that can be rectified with TRT. But how many men are satisfied with the amounts their doctor and insurance company allows?


So, what takes place in many cases is supplementing what the doctor allows with a little extra from an ‘outside source.’ And then just feeling and looking a little better/younger becomes intensified. The muscles grow larger, the energy level is raised more, as is the all-important libido. And there lies the culprit.





Referring again to our hypothetical scenario, waking up with a raging erection can make any 40-something guy jump out of bed with enough energy to go all day and night long. The erection-less mornings are one of the first signs of low testosterone and it can be a powerful carrot to dangle in front of any man, especially one of the alpha male type.


Testosterone can be the Fountain of Youth when used properly (200-to-400 milligrams per week), but it also can suck people in to a false sense of immortality because of how good it works. So, taking more, as well as stacking it with other anabolic steroids, happens all of the time. But with that also comes a quandary.




Straight forward TRT is supposed to be a year-round medication, but some doctors will take their patients off once their blood tests reveal a testosterone level over a certain number in ‘the chart,’ which usually shows a ‘normal’ range between 300 and 1,000. Once off, that level will go back down under the threshold to begin therapy again and the time off will be even worse than the period before starting.


Then you have the scenario where people cycle on and off, anywhere from eight to 12 or 16 weeks at a time. Many use post-cycle therapy to make the time off more bearable, but there’s always a noticeable difference. And it is difficult to see-saw like that; feeling great for a few months and then utter shit the following ones.


The outcome in many cases is a year-round cycle that includes more than just the doctor’s prescribed testosterone. Throw in a little deca, perhaps tren or boldenone and how about a few orals like d-bol or anadrol just for the fuck of it, right? Next thing you know, that one shot of test a week has turned into a three-deep stack and sooner or later, your luck is going to run out. Now just to get your body cleansed, going off the sauce cold turkey is going to really screw you up in more ways than you can count. But you fucked yourself up bad enough where this is the only solution. One better learn from his mistakes…





Ninety-nine out of 100 guys 40 and above using steroids are not doing so for a bodybuilding competition; it’s for themselves and their dicks. Let’s cut the bullshit right now and call it like it is – no one wants to throw in the towel on their physical appearance and sex drive, regardless of age.


With that said, the above described individual does not need to toxify his body with all sorts of AAS and really only needs to replace the testosterone in their body. And extra shot or two a month isn’t going to blow up your blood test results, either, but a ton of tren will.


Boldenone is notorious for getting your red blood cell count to shoot up and that isn’t good for you. When your blood gets too thick, it can cause a clot and perhaps even a stroke. Bigger arms are not worth the tradeoff, my friend.


Even if you take some precautions with baby aspirin and donating blood regularly, it can still not be enough to get your red blood cell count back down to normal. It’s time to make the tough but smart decision.




So, what are you going to do about this, asshole? Keep fuckin’ up and have to go off or do it in moderation so you can have a 12-month morning hard-on? At your advancing age, you don’t have any need to pin more than once or twice a week and not stack test with anything else. If you stick to the protocol, you’ll be able to keep looking and feeling good without worrying about dropping dead.


Every time your gym buddy offers you that new batch of EQ that he just got his hands on, think back to those cold turkey days when your cock felt like a wet noodle and any attempt at sex or masturbation was akin to playing pool with a rope. It was experiencing whiskey dick sober. That’s the last thing you want to deal with again.


You can keep a lid on this and still prevail. But don’t be a jerkoff and forget to see your doctor for regular blood screenings, even if you’re using your own stuff and not from his prescription pad. Be honest with him/her and then your blood tests will make more sense in their eyes. Keeping shit secret will only fuck you up more in the end.


Your dick will thank you in the end…

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