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Best Sports Streaming Apps in 2021

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With great online entertainment channels that stream on-demand movies, TV shows, and so much more, some have found it best to cancel their cable subscription. After canceling your cable TV subscription, you might have recognized that there is no best way to watch sports. 

Alternatively, you could just be looking for a way to watch sports wherever you’re at in real-time. Regardless of why you are looking for sports streaming apps, here are some of the best platforms for some live matches.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports can be regarded as one of the most reliable HD sports streaming services with a wide range of games. The sports broadcasted on this streaming service include famous leagues such as the NBA, NFL, and MLB. CBS strives to cover every sport played globally, including sports such as golf and tennis. 

Users can live stream matches on any device on this platform. You can check how to record live video on Mac or on any other device you’re using if you’d like to save the games and watch them at a later stage.


ESPN has made a name for itself in the cable sports industry but they have diversified their service offering to also include online streaming services. Jointly with the Walt Disney Company, this streaming service provider has some of the best live matches you could ask for. As you might expect, this streaming platform includes the largest leagues, including the NBA and NFL. 

Fortunately, there are some minor leagues included, such as NCAA basketball and others. The wide variety of sporting events available on the ESPN streaming service can help with keeping up with all your sports interests.


SportsTiger shares live cricket action with users in games happening all around the world in different leagues. For example, this service provider also includes live-action from women’s cricket tournaments. 

Fortunately, SportsTiger includes soccer and a handful of other sports you might enjoy. Although this platform does not have many sports available, it has great service to those it broadcasts. You can also catch up on the latest sporting events by reading the featured headlines on the home page.

Live Net TV

Live Net TV presents an unconventional solution to having access to live sports. Instead of trying to handpick sports, they are going to stream. The platform live streams more than 700 TV channels and that’s really a plenty. In that way, you can watch live sporting events on a channel of your choice that is broadcasted by Live Net TV. 

Whenever a game is live on regular television, you can also gain access to it using this platform. This gives you the best exposure to all the different sports being broadcast on live television.

Show Sports TV

Show Sports TV is also a bit similar to Live Net TV because it allows users to live stream all the games playing on television. By broadcasting sports channels, users can access the live match action and watch as their sports stars battle it out with their opponents. Show Sports TV works on Android devices, including tablets, to give you live sporting action when you’re on the move.


Hulu, one of the largest entertainment streaming channels, also serves sporting fans with live matches. This platform has integrated some of the best sporting platforms such as ESPN, CBS, NBCSN, and other regional sports services. 

With this unified approach, Hulu users gain access to a thoroughly diversified repertoire of sporting events. The best part of this service is that it costs just less than $6.00 and can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.


fuboTV has more of a hybrid approach to live streaming the best content to users. This platform has movies and TV shows but predominantly, it broadcasts live sports across a wide range of leagues. 

In addition to the local sports such as the NBA, MLS, NFL, and so forth, this streaming service also includes international soccer games. You can also catch up on game highlights on some of the news channels streamed on fuboTV.


Locast is another great free solution to gaining access to games being streamed live on TV. Unfortunately, if your local cable providers have limited the games available on their service, you might not see them on Locast. This platform broadcasts what is being broadcasted by local TV stations giving you prime time access to live matches being streamed.

The bottom line

There are a lot of solutions that you can use to gain live access to your favorite sporting events. You can choose between the free options such as using platforms like Locast and Live Net TV or more mainstream ones such as Hulu. There is an abundance of choices which helps with finding the best one for you.

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