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More Steroids Does Not Equal Better Results

I’m alive and healthy. I’m also a professional bodybuilder, a profession known for the use of steroids and in which many die searching for their dreams.


And why am I still here training hard every day? Many don’t want to believe the truth. Many want to believe that this is all about steroids and not years and years of hard training, diet and determination. I can’t make them change their minds. But I can tell everyone who wants to become professionals that it takes a lot more than a “full of magic” syringe to become a bodybuilder.


Unfortunately, I’m sure they don’t want to hear it, believe it or understand it. I’ve touched this subject so many times; I’m tired of it. I’ve been more honest than anyone else, so I have been asked hundreds of times why I am talking about this so openly and I always give the same answer. It’s because the truth is easier to remember and can help many young people before they make a big mistake. Steroids are not a miracle shortcut for someone to be a top bodybuilder or conquer fame; they’re a simple help. Steroids can’t make a regular physique become one of a champion.



When I was younger, I never gave it any thought about being a professional bodybuilder and actually was not even aware of such a classification. All I knew was that I had found something I really loved: training. I loved the feeling of forcing my body to where I never imagined would be possible, loved the way I started to look and felt it gave me a purpose.


That feeling never left and it didn’t matter how many competitions I entered or how many times I didn’t get first place. There were times when I knew I deserved to have won and then there were times when I did place first but felt that I did not deserve it. But all through these times, my curiosity about my body and how I could change it never left.


But regardless if I had placed behind guys much bigger than me, I never felt that the way passed that was to use more steroids. I never felt that I had to go that route to be stronger or better on stage. When I took the stage, I felt that I did everything that I had to do. But the decision of whether I was good enough to win depended on not just me, but also others. At the end of the day, the judges do not care how much steroids I used. So why complicate things and use more than I felt comfortable with?



What happens many times is that people think that they have the potential to become a pro bodybuilder only to realize that they do not have the right genetics. So, because of that disappointment, they start using large amounts of steroids. It is frustrating to know that so many people think that it is all about the drugs and the obsessive conversations they have about steroids. The Internet has facilitated the creation of the magical powers of steroids and even supplements and the media has made many of us believe that all elite athletes have reached that level because of the use of steroids.


No one talks about extraordinary talent anymore, Apparently, the only talent it takes these days is to know how to manipulate a syringe. It has become a façade of a train of thought that makes it seem that with the right drug, anyone can become a super athlete.


Since I’ve never been able to change that mentality, ask yourself, “Are you willing to die for bodybuilding?” I’ve never been and never will be.

If you were born to be good at this, you won’t need drugs to see results.

And if not, no amount of steroids will make that change.


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