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Society’s View of Beauty is BULLSHIT!

By IFBB & Super League Pro Kat Secor – You won’t see muscular women on the cover of many magazines (mSm changing that shit!) and until recently no publication would dare put a plus size model like Tess Holiday on their cover. Why?  Well, physical extremes won’t sell to the masses, right?  What does that say about us as a society and our bullshit view of beauty?


Why is the definition of beauty so small?


Gorgeous, tall, long hair, strong jaw, petite nose, high cheekbones, TONE, TAN, LEAN… all words we use to describe someone as beautiful.   But that’s the narrow-minded person’s definition. Beauty is so, so, SOOO diverse; you can find beauty in anything. And doesn’t it matter more what the person feels about themselves than what we think of them? If they see themselves as beautiful, isn’t that what should matter?



Great, they are ‘beautiful’… so what? How are they as a friend, lover, employee; how do they treat themselves?  What actually makes this person a beautiful human being?



Being a muscular woman (in a still very narrow minded society) is HARD. I imagine the same goes for a plus sized women like Holiday. You might say we are nothing alike and I would say that you are completely wrong. The way society views us is very much the same. Anytime I am in public, I am a spectacle. People stopping in their tracks, doing a double take, motioning for their friends to look. Sometimes people I am with will walk behind me just to see the reactions I get. You like to hope these strangers are amazed by your hard work, discipline and commitment to your passion, but we all know most of it is because you are an anomaly, a freak. So out of the ordinary that they lose all respect, common courtesy and find the need to STARE, point, whisper. Completely oblivious of how that might be making you feel.



I have had the pleasure of meeting Holiday. She stands as a beacon of hope for women who are not the traditional standard of “beauty” and empowers men and women alike to embrace themselves. To be YOU in a world trying to fit you in a tiny unrealistic and delusional box. Although we may be on opposite ends of the spectrum, I am still one of the discriminated against. In this sense, we fight for the same thing. We fight to be seen as we see ourselves.


Super League is another platform celebrating women who embrace their strength and power. We are warriors redefining what is beautiful.


Open your eyes people! Instead of shaming someone, shine your god damn light on them. Find something beautiful about them. And if you can’t maybe you need to start looking at yourself and finding your own inner beauty.


People who stand up every day and push past the looks, push past the mean names and comments, who push their own doubts and insecurities, who remind themselves they are beautiful, even if society tell them they are not… these are the strongest people I know, for they have had to fight to become the beautiful person you see today, owning who they are, and inspiring others to do the same.



Next time someone shows you a photo of a stranger and asks your OPINION on their beauty, I hope your response flows from a place where beauty is quantified by much more than meets the eye,


“I don’t know how beautiful they are, I have yet to get to know them.”


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