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By Caleb “Big C” Green – There are more and more young and impressionable people out there than ever before and I think it’s all having more of a negative effect on our youth then we can even imagine. And don’t even get me started on the one-uppers and keyboard warriors!


Now what about the personal positives and what would be the dark side to them? I think that is much more damaging and what’s happening with the regular people – and especially the young ones – in our society that are simply looking up and watching all of us? For every person that gets inspired by somebody to get their lives in order and get healthy and take control of their physical well-being, I swear it seems like there’s two more young people who are affected in a negative manner and they’re not motivated by the fitness icons that are out there for the right reasons.


I’m witnessing teenage girls and young women in their twenties starving themselves to look a certain way, doing things that are unhealthy without proper nutrition or guidance. Just like anything else, there’s a lot to learn and there’s a right way and a wrong way to being physically fit, staying healthy and developing your body. But all these kids see is the hot fitness model doing a photo shoot, thinking that’s how she has to look year-round. I’ve had teenage boys as young as 14 years old messaging me asking what type of steroids they need to take so by the time they’re 18, they can look like Joey Swoll. Nothing against that guy, but I hear his name more times than anybody else from young kids wanting to look like him.



The point is why are so many young people being negatively affected by social media? They see these pictures of people that seemed to have these incredible lives because of their physical attributes and that’s what they want to look like, but once again, without the knowledge and the guidance to do things the right way and the healthy way. I don’t know of any athletes out there – especially in the bodybuilding world – who are 18 years old, winning championships and making lots of money.


So why are so many young people obsessed with wanting to look a certain way and not focusing on education in developing their lives and careers so they can afford to chase their dreams and hobbies? Bodybuilding is a sport of consistency, dedication, patience and good work ethic. The person that’s willing to work the hardest over the longest time is the person that’s going to be the best. For instance, Dexter Jackson started when he was a teenager and now he’s one of the oldest active competitors on the pro stage and he only continues to get better; it’s a lifetime sport.



Young people in general and into their twenties seem to want everything right now. Are any of us really considering what we’re projecting and how we’re doing it? Sure, we all know the saying ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ and to an extent, that can be applied to anything. So, yes, maybe you did spend the last 10 years developing your body and doing things the right way and building a reputation for yourself or a business or winning championships and you have done nothing wrong. But it is still your responsibility to set the right example and deliver the proper message of the dedication and time that it took for you to get there for those that are looking up to you. If you’re going to put yourself in the public eye, it then becomes your responsibility to those who are watching you.


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