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Bodybuilding is Boring

Bodybuilding can be very time consuming, but yet is still extremely simple and repetitive. The reason most people fail at achieving their goals with it is because they can’t handle doing the same thing every damn day for years on end. It’s human nature to like variety and unfortunately that has to be thrown out of the window if you are interested in achieving what you set out to do.



Those who get into bodybuilding look at the mass monsters and think there is some secret drug that makes them look that way. But the honest truth is it comes down to genetics, consistency with nutrition, training and – obviously – enhancements to some degree. At the end of the day you have to truly love this shit to succeed because you’ll just end up falling off the wagon like everyone else.



People get caught up in their everyday habits and then sooner or later, they completely lose interest because they aren’t getting the results they want. There is no secret; just put your head down, keep it simple, consistent and over time, you will reach your goals.



Some try to justify their failure to put on quality muscle by throwing in the towel and switching to the classic physique division. Let’s put it in perspective for the butt hurt vaginas out there – your initial goal was to put on 10 pounds of stage weight and get better every year, but they announce a new category that rewards competitors for coming in approximately 30 pounds lighter than they would have been in open bodybuilding. So you make the switch because you’re impatient, downgrading and lying to yourself.



Sorry, but no one wants to shrink. You spent all those years trying to get bigger and now you literally drop down because it’s an easier route to earning a pro card. That’s like being a third string quarterback on an NFL team signing with an Arena Football League team so he can be the starter and run around the field with a bunch of also-rans, has-beens and never-will-be’s.




It’s simple – if you want to downgrade, then simply do not compete. This is exactly why the shows get worse and worse; it’s a distinct case of the competitors lacking the drive and patience to accomplish their original goals.



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