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The Belly of the Beast – Steroids, HGH & Insulin Take Center Stage

Human growth hormone and insulin. Two substances that have become commonplace in bodybuilding today and yet are completely unnecessary to build an Olympia-winning physique. As a matter of fact, they are overrated big time.


It was around 2000 when they began being used by a large number of bodybuilders. Before that, you had a few of them with the guts sticking out and losing that nice symmetry that was the main focus. It’s just sad that it’s gone so far and the judges are still rewarding the competitors who have the extended midsections. If they judged properly, there would be no need for the classic physique category; that is what bodybuilding used to be. They were big but yet still had a tiny waist. Open bodybuilding is going in the wrong direction.



We all used steroids back when I competed, but it has become something that is relied upon way too much of late. For them to get the job done properly, you also need genetics, hard training and the mind being focused.


People ask all of the time what is the most important aspect of successful bodybuilding: resistance training, nutrition, supplementation, cardio, rest/recuperation or drugs? I always list drugs dead last. If you train hard, eat right and get proper rest, you will grow… with the right genetics, of course.



Sadly, there is a large contingent of folks who believe that you can just use drugs and will grow. But if that was the case, every gym would be full of potential Mr. Olympia winners. It doesn’t work that way, but try telling that to the fuckin’ Internet ‘experts.’


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