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Dom, Piss & Ball Busting – Female Bodybuilder Sessions Run the Gamut

By Crystal “Wildfyre” Anthony – When it comes to female bodybuilding, it seems most people either love us or they hate us. For those that love us, most have dabbled in some kind of muscle ‘fetish’ to fulfill their muscle fantasy desires. There are several outlets for men who love the hard curves of the female bodybuilder including social media, webcam sites and one of the most interesting – the muscle worship session.



“Sessions,” as they are known by in the circle of female bodybuilders and the men who enjoy them, are not something openly talked about by many. Ten years ago, it would have been whispered between a few in private or talked about anonymously by email and on muscle forums. In the last few years, many more women have started offering sessions and many more people are talking about them in the open.



I get asked frequently about sessions and I try to answer as many questions as I can. One question I get asked often is, “So, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in a session?” I never disclose names or anything that would identify someone that has had a session with me, but I have shared a few of my experiences with people that ask. So, sit back and enjoy a few of my session stories.



I had a guy that actually wanted the session to start by me sitting in the hotel bar. He wanted to come up to me and sit down. He then wanted me to tell him how pathetic he was and to throw a drink on him in front of everyone. Next, he wanted to meet me in my hotel room where he was on his knees for an hour having me shout insults to him while showing him pictures of other men, telling him how much better they were than he was. I must have done my job well, as he came in his boxers without being touched.



One gentleman wanted me to control when and how much he could urinate (I’m not kidding). He drank a gallon of water just prior to the session. He said he would not urinate until I gave him permission and then he would start peeing. I told him when to stop. He then had to immediately cut it off, sit back down and hold it until I gave him permission to urinate again. He said it was such a turn on to have a woman control everything he did, including when and how much he could go to the bathroom.



I was having a session that had so far been a run of the mill muscle worship session with a very nice gentleman. We had been talking while I was posing. Nothing odd, just normal conversation. Towards the end of the session, he asked me if I would pee in a cup for him. I told him I would (unsure of what he was going to do with it). I went into the bathroom, peed in one of the hotel disposable cups and brought it back out to him.



By then he had pulled a few things out of his pants pocket – a cotton ball and a necklace with a small box attached to it. I very curiously watched as he dipped the cotton ball into the cup of urine. Then, once saturated, he placed the urine-soaked cotton ball into the box on the end of the necklace. He then promptly put the box up to his nose and inhaled deeply. As he inhaled once more his entire body shuddered; he let out a loud moan and sure enough, had ejaculated in his shorts. If I had known my piss had that effect, I would have been bottling and selling it long ago!



This last session I’m going to tell you about might make you guys a bit squeamish, so fair warning has been given! A very nice man contacted me about what he called a ‘ball busting’ session. We discussed it at length so both of us were prepared. I brought with me several different types of footwear – heels, boots, tennis shoes, etc. He laid down on the floor with his genitals exposed.



For the next hour, I proceeded to kick, stomp and torment this man’s testicles. I started out lightly tapping as, honestly, I was a bit afraid of hurting him. He kept encouraging me to kick harder and harder until I was putting full force behind each kick. The harder I kicked, the harder his penis got. He would have me kick and stomp in one pair of shoes until he suddenly ejaculated (just by me kicking alone). He would then rest while I put on a different pair of shoes. Then it started all over again – kicking and stomping. With each pair of shoes was the same result; the harder I kicked, the harder he got. By the end of the session we had gone thru four pairs of shoes (each resulting in him getting off) and his testicles were purple and twice the size they were when we started. He actually tipped me $100 on top of what he paid for the session, saying that my feet were ‘pure magic.’



So, for those of you who love female bodybuilders and think your session request might be ‘odd,’ trust me; we have seen and heard it all. If you’re setting up a session with a female bodybuilder, don’t be afraid to tell her your wildest fantasy. You never know, she might just say yes and give you a time you’ll never forget!


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