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Dinger Rockies Mascot a Ding Against Woke Crowd

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There’s a forgotten aspect of journalism nowadays that is still the industry’s ultimate sin – do not run with a story until it’s been confirmed. Seems obvious, right? But with social media and the race to be the first kid on the block to break a story, scribes (and even that useless crowd of bloggers, who are akin to back alley abortionists when compared to skilled licensed physicians) frequently rush to get a piece out there that, on face value, looks to be breaking news but turns out to be a pile of shit.

Case in point, the spectator at Coors Field in Colorado at the Rockies game who appeared to yell out the N-word twice while Lewis Brinson – a black player for the Miami Marlins – took his turn at bat. None of the players nor umpires seemed to notice and the game continued without issue. The television feed by both teams’ respective broadcasts did pick up the exclamation.

Once the clip hit social media, judge, jury and executioner all came down hard on the unidentified male who shouted… something. But ‘journalists’ like Bob Nightengale from USA Today took it upon himself to hand out punishment before the matter had been investigated.

The Rockies organization promised to conduct a thorough and swift investigation and released a statement that included that they are “disgusted at the racial slur by a fan directed at [Brinson].” They apparently did their due diligence and, lo and behold, were actually able to identify, locate and interview the fan – who was seated directly behind home plate and clearly visible on the television feed.

And, no, the unidentified male was not using a racial slur, but rather trying to get the attention of Dinger, the Rockies’ mascot, so he can take a photo with his grandchildren. How innocent can you get? The Rockies let out a huge exhale and a follow-up statement put the matter to bed. But, alas, the story doesn’t end there.

The light-hitting Brinson may see this as his only chance at fame, so he is milking it and satisfying all the social justice warriors out there by doubting the findings and echoing the same old shit from the woke crowd. In an interview for USA Today, the lifetime .199 hitter said that he had watched the video at least 50 times and claims that he in fact heard the N-word. Brinson continued by stating that he receives racist messages once or twice a month from anonymous people and that “other black players get [sic] it more.” While that may be true, it is unequivocally wrong and not even in the same category as a guy calling a mascot for his grandkids at a baseball game.

But don’t tell that to Brinson, who sounds as if he is ready for martyrdom like Colin Kaepernick.

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