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Field of Dreams Yankees – White Sox Game: MLB Done Good

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It has been a rough go for Major League Baseball of late. The 60-game shortened 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic was one filled with no fans in the stadiums, seven inning doubleheaders, a runner on second to start all extra innings and social justice messages that kept many fans away. (Editor’s Note: This media outlet chose to sit out the entire campaign due to MLB pandering to the Marxist terrorist anti-police BLM.) In the current season, the All-Star Game moving from Atlanta to Colorado due to political pressure from the left was a setback for what has been an overall successful summer, but the scheduling of a game in Iowa at The Field of Dreams between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox has more than made up for it.

For lover of ‘old time base-ball,’ this is as good as it gets. Postponed from last year due to the pandemic, the game will finally be played Thursday evening in Dyersville, Iowa. With both teams contenders, it has the making of a heavyweight bout and one that is sure to get plenty of attention on the betting line on with no deposit casino bonus codes cashable.

The 1989 hit motion picture is one that is beloved by baseball fans for its innocence and purity, so scheduling a game at the scenic location was a stroke of brilliance. Because the actual field used in the movie was too small dimension-wise, a temporary 8,000-seat ballpark was built just beyond it that is a close facsimile. It also is akin to the old Comiskey Park in Chicago, another pat on the bat for MLB.

The Sox were chosen since they were prominent in the movie and the Yankees are the sports world’s marquee franchise and one that has been around since 1903. This season, Chicago is comfortably in first place in the American League Central and the Yankees are in third place in the AL East, but only six and a half games back and one and a half back from the Boston Red Sox for the second Wild Card entry.

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