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4 Cocktails You Have To Try At The Melbourne Cup Carnival

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The Melbourne Cup Carnival combines glamour and frivolity in a way matched by few other events in Australia, which makes it the ideal time to indulge in some fancy cocktails that you may not be as inclined to try throughout the rest of the year. There are a plethora of great cocktails enjoyed by punters and socialites alike during this festive period, and the following should be at the top of your Melbourne Cup cocktail bucket list.


  1. Flemington Fling


If you’re looking for a drink that is synonymous with the Melbourne Cup Carnival, then look no further than the Flemington Fling. Based around vodka and a Schweppes Agrum citrus blend, this raceday favourite is complemented by fresh lime and mint for one of the most refreshing cocktails you can imagine. The Melbourne Cup Carnival takes place during a temperamental time of year from weather perspective in Victoria, but more often than not this week-long celebration of racing takes place in hot and sticky conditions, so a drink like the Flemington Fling is always welcome during a long day in the sun.


  1. Hummingbird


Melbourne might not be the most tropical part of Australia, but the Hummingbird will help you feel like you’re simultaneously enjoying the races and relaxing in the Whitsundays. It includes Midori and Havana Club light rum mixed with coconut cream and pineapple, and is garnished with a cherry, slice of pineapple and a bit of ice. If you’re feeling fatigued by the masses of people and the hive of activity that is Flemington during the Melbourne Cup Carnival, the Hummingbird will help you escape to your happy place.




  1. Espresso Martinis


Sure, espresso martinis may not be exclusive to the Melbourne Cup Carnival, but they are a must on any list of quality cocktails worth its salt – particularly in the coffee-loving capital of Australia. For those of you unfamiliar with this most popular of cocktails, it’s time to get acquainted. The espresso martini is as simple as it is delicious – it’s a combination of espresso, vodka and coffee liquor. Not hard to make, and equally as easy to drink. It’s hard to stop at just one of these, but with all that espresso it’s wise to exercise a little restraint.


  1. Watermelon Dash


Just watched a tense finish to a race and feel like you need something to bring you back to earth? Look no further than the watermelon dash, a staple of the Melbourne Cup Carnival and one of the most refreshing drinks you’ll find at Flemington. This one is every bit as simple as the espresso martini – it’s kaffir lime-infused vodka mixed with a whole lot of crushed watermelon, served over ice with a little bit of lime and a watermelon wedge. The perfect drink for when you’re feeling the heat, be that literally or metaphorically.


The Melbourne Cup Carnival is at its core about the racing, but the culture which surrounds it is every bit as important. That culture includes fashion, socialising, and of course a hefty amount of (responsible) drinking, and the cocktails on offer make up a large portion of the alcohol consumed at Flemington. There are a host of quality cocktails for lovers of mixed drinks to test drive, and the above are four that you just have to try.

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