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Weekly Fantasy Football: A Quick Overview What Kind of Games Can You Play, Prizes You Can Win and A Lot More

This article will serve as a handy resource for weekly fantasy football games. Below, we will discuss the many types of daily/weekly football games available and the associated fees and winnings.


But first off, what is a weekly fantasy football game? At its essence, fantasy football is a math-based strategy game on NFL players’ real-world productivity. Each week, you add players to a squad by “starting” them at the different positions permitted by your league’s rules. Typically, this group consists of 1 quarterback, 2 running backs, 2 wide receivers, 1 tight end, 1 kicker, 1 defense, and 1 FLEX. The starting players’ on-field statistics (yards, goals, etc.) contribute to the weekly point total. The weekly score is calculated using all the total points of all of the players in the starting lineup, and if you have a higher point total than your rival (another league member), you win that week. Players that do not make your starting lineup are deemed to be on the “bench.” They will continue to earn points in the same manner as everyone else; however, those points are not be added to the weekly total.


Weekly Fantasy Football Game Types


Big Tournaments – also known as Guaranteed Prize Pool Tournaments or GPPs – These are large-field competitions that attract tens of thousands, if not more than hundreds of thousand, participants. The entry price is frequently minimal, and the prize pool is usually enormous.


Every week, the major weekly fantasy football services will host GPPs (Guaranteed Prize Pool events) with considerable sums in prizes.


The following are some GPP strategies you can make use of:


  • 50/50 contests

These are classified as the cash games. They are competitions that award cash prizes to the highest 50% of the field. For example, a 50/50 game with 10 participants and a $1000 prize fund will pay $200 to the top five highest scorers. Cash games require a different strategy than big tournaments. You can do extensive research on how to win 50/50 contests before participating.


  • Head-to-head competitions

These are also known as cash games. They are tournaments where you face off against another team owner. These games have a range of entrance prices and prize pools. Certain head-to-head events charge a $10 entry fee. Others require an admission fee of $5,000. Additionally, you can build your custom head-to-head leagues to compete against a friend.


  • Satellites / Qualifiers

These contests provide you the opportunity to win entrance into subsequent tournaments with higher entry fees. For instance, suppose you pay $12 to attend a weekly fantasy football qualifier in exchange for a free ticket to a future event that charges $109 to enter. If you win the qualifying, you will receive complimentary entry to the subsequent event.


  • Multipliers – Games that Double, Triple, and Quadruple Up

These are also considered cash games, and they function as contests in which the top “X” players can double, triple, or quadruple their winnings. These are available in up to tenfold leagues.


You may even divide these down into ‘beginner’ and ‘casual’ contests if you are new to the game and want to test things out without going in completely.


Now that you are familiar with the many sorts of contests available let us discuss the criteria to consider in participating in them.


Entry Fees, the Salary Caps, Field Size, and Prize Pool


In this part, we will break down the most critical details to consider when considering entering a contest. We will discuss entrance fees, salary ceilings, field size, prize pools, and the payout schedules. Several of these items are self-explanatory. However, carefully read the following to ensure that you are fully knowledgeable about all of them before joining a weekly fantasy football contest.


There are two types of contests from a bird’s eye view: the free and the real money games. To participate in the real money games, you must pay an entry fee. Free games are referred to as freerolls. They are tournaments which you can join for free. Winning a freeroll qualifies you for a bigger contest where you can win bigger cash or something else. If you believe that you will spend the entire week playing freerolls, you are mistaken. You will eventually develop the desire to participate in a real-money weekly fantasy football game. The good news is that there are sites that provide a slew of games that need only a $1 entry fee or even a quarter. Things become more fascinating once you delve beyond the shallow end of playing only the freerolls and into the cash money competitions. Several weekly fantasy football games are available, including large-field leagues, 50/50s, head-to-head competitions, guaranteed prize tournaments, qualifiers, and multipliers.


Entry fees


This is the entry fee for a weekly fantasy football game. As indicated above, several contests charge a flat price of merely $1. Some charge hundreds of dollars.


Salary caps


You are given a specific budget to work with when organizing your team. You are expected to fill all open positions within the budget constraints. Salary caps are both amusing and infuriating at the same time. Effectively utilizing them requires the ability to discover undervalued performers. While drafting your lineup, it usually shows the salary cap for each contest. The maximum is typically set at $60K, while “expert” tournaments with a $55K ceiling are available.


Size of field


This is the maximum number of participants that are allowed to join in a specific contest. You can categorize the matches by the number of permitted entrants.


Prize pools


This is the value of the prize that can be won in each contest. In the case of qualifiers, the entrance cost for the subsequent tournament is listed – this is what participants are aiming to win.


Payout schedules


Typically, the cash reward associated with a contest is distributed among numerous people. For instance, in a competition with 20 entrants, the top six team owners may receive a percentage of the prize fund. In some other cases, the top-scoring entrant receives the entire monetary prize.


You now have more than enough information to jump into your first weekly fantasy football contest. So, put the information that you have now to good use and start winning.

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