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Two Thumbs Up For Mets Baez, Conforto


Not enough attention is given to athletes when they simply just do the right thing. Especially in a huge market like New York, negativity is contagious and prolonged as opposed to the ‘feel good’ stories, one which occurred yesterday at Citi Field before a game between the New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals. Two of the players involved were Javier Baez – a newcomer who recently dealt with the two thumbs down mountain out of a molehill – and Michael Conforto, a fan favorite who is struggling mightily in his walk year. But none of that mattered in the least bit when these two heroes brought huge rays of sunshine to youngsters suffering from a terrible and unforgiving disease.

It was Childhood Cancer Awareness Day and both players were instrumental in helping those unfortunate young people and their families, who endure the burden with their offspring. A number of pediatric patients and family members were flown in Centro Medico in Puerto Rico and Baez was there on the field handing them jerseys and giving them reassurance with some kind words. What made it even more special is that it was also Roberto Clemente Day, during which the legendary late Puerto Rican Hall of Famer was honored with selected players wearing his uniform number 21.


Five patients from Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center and their families were invited by Conforto.

Both players are entering free agency and this should not have any bearing on the Mets decision to bring either or both back. But it means a heck of a lot to those kids and their families, who will never forget what these players did.

Great job, Javy and Michael.


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