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Its time to wade into the supernatural. When was the last time you seriously contemplated ghosts and their existence? Since long before recording history became the norm, those apparitions have been occupying, terrorising, thrilling and fascinating humans. They also make the ideal low-effort Halloween costume. However, no matter what you think about ghosts, there is one consensus. Every one of them- from Casper, the friendly ghost, to the one invading your imagination after that horror film you watched last night- is considered to be a powerful entity with the potential to alter your life.

 If ever you were to encounter a ghost, youd need either a healthy set of lungs to scream or enough physical stamina to help make your escape. A good exercise regimen powered by Ghost brand nutritional supplements may give you the edge needed to run fast and keep going.

 A good fitness regimen takes into account that efficacy is derived from more than physical activity. It is a well-known fact that nutrition plays a crucial role in the success of a workout routine. You may know all the best exercises to target different fitness goals, and you might have the prowess to execute some impressive moves. However, if you dont maintain the proper diet, you will find it challenging to gather enough energy to work out and attain the goals you have set.

Both health and fitness experts emphasise the need for a well-balanced diet. The nutrients contained in meats, fruits and vegetables are everything you require to support your physical journey. On the other hand, it is not always easy to guarantee that you are consuming the correct amounts of a certain nutrient to actualise your aims. As a result, you may need to turn to supplements. They can be the solution to ingesting certain targeted nutrients in more precise quantities.

Sourcing supplements is not difficult. Due to their popularity, they are readily available everywhere- from health stores to grocery chains. There are also a staggering number of brands with a vast array of products to match. Naturally, not every brand is created equal. They all operate under philosophies specific to their companies, and their product lines differ from one to the next. So this article will focus on a single one- Ghost.


Quoting directly from the companys website, Ghost at its simplest form is the worlds first lifestyle sports nutrition brand. The organisation aims to provide quality nutritional supplements for fitness enthusiasts using an everyone countsapproach.

Ghost has grown as a brand since its founding. It now offers products spanning across 16 different categories, from pre-workouts to muscle builders and beyond. Below is a condensed sampling of what you can expect to find from the brand.

Products For Building Stacks

One of the best ways to ensure that you have all your bases covered is by building stacks. When talking about stacks regarding supplements, just remember that they combine several products to gain the most value in one purchase. So if you are a beginner or are sampling Ghost brand supplements, why not start with a stack.

Try stocking up on essentials like Legend, Whey and Amino V2. Ghost Whey is ideal if you want a protein supplement that eliminates the frills and cuts right to the chase. Each serving of this product contains 25 grams of protein derived from Concentrate, Hydrolysate and Whey Protein Isolate. Furthermore, with 130 calories and some natural digestive enzymes, Ghost Whey gives you exactly what you need – no surprises. This guarantee is backed by their use of a Full Disclosure Label so you can see what is in the tub before you buy it. As a bonus, the brand is not shy about its flavours. If names like frosted sugar cookie, cookie cereal, milk and coffee ice cream dont have your taste buds piquing with interest, nothing will.

Ghost Legend is a pre-workout supplement. It is meant to provide you with all the energy you will need to power through your workout. Naturally, therefore, it has to be created accordingly. The brand achieves this by combining caffeine, taurine, citrus, Aurantium, alanine, and theobromine. This blend of compounds is a sure-fire source of power, proven by the products ability to give you twice the amount of energy other pre-workouts may avail.

Finally, top up your stack with Amino V2. It provides you with all the hydration you need for a good workout and facilitates absorption using Astragin. Taking Amino V2 helps you avoid turning to juices and sports drinks that are filled with sugar. In addition, you can take Amino at any time, even just before a night on the town.

Products For Muscle

If your goal is to bulk up, look no further than Ghost Size. It contains creatine, beta-alanine and other compounds to create a powerhouse product that boosts muscle growth. The composition does not have any calories, which means you can use it specifically to target your muscles. It is best taken after training and is safe for everyday use. Simply mix no more than two scoops of Ghost Size powder and some water, then enjoy.

Alternatively, you can opt to try Ghost BCAA V2 for a little more BCAAs. This product iteration of the original formula uses an enhanced composition to give you more per serving than its predecessor. Each scoop gives you a generous helping of Valine, Leucine, Isoleucine and Astragin. Consequently, you draw all the benefits of BCAAs through your bodys improved ability to absorb the amino acids.

You can enjoy GHOST BCAA V2 as an alternative to sugar-laden sports drinks. Furthermore, you are free to choose when you would prefer to have it. For example, although you would typically take it during your training session, you may also choose to drink it at any other time of the day.

Ghost is not here to play. Just like its supernatural namesake, the brand is all about powerful products that pack a punch. So, go ahead and give it a try.

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