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Living a Fit Life and Social Acceptance (Part 3)


By Caleb “Big C” Green – As people flock wanting to be a part of this and a part of that to fit in socially, it has created so many negative energies that it absolutely blows my mind. You have people who know absolutely nothing about each other, know absolutely nothing about the company the other person is representing or working for, but yet are creating such hate and negative distaste for people just because of who they affiliate themselves with.


Who really cares who you represent? Maybe you are sponsored by a big company and you’re an athlete; perhaps you’re just a normal person living a fit life and you have an ambassador program and you enjoy being a part of something and reaping the benefits of that. Does it really matter? Does that define the integrity and character of the person themselves? No; not at all.



Then why is there so much hate out there going back and forth battling from this organization to the next? Do you really think that the people who own these companies give a shit what everybody on social media is arguing about and who’s better and whose products are better? Trust me, the only thing they care about is how much money they’re making while you’re out there creating negative vibes to stand up for something that ultimately is going to have zero effect on your life on whether or not that company is successful or not – with the exception of maybe if you’re a pro athlete and have a real sponsorship and they’re paying for your travel fees, contests and food and a check for advertising and other things. Because that’s what comes along with a real sponsorship for a professional athlete from a major company. So for the regular people out there who are representing different organizations creating all the drama and doing all the fighting, what are you fighting for? Does it really matter who likes what or what somebody chooses to be a part of?



With all that going on, is anybody stopping to think about how it’s affecting the industry and the people that are looking and watching all of us? I think it turns a lot more people off from becoming more involved because of all the drama that comes along with it. But then again people do thrive off drama so what do I know.


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