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Arm Toning Exercises: Techniques and Tips

Toned arms offer the perfect blend of aesthetic and functional appeal. During warmer months, they give you an opportunity to show off lots of skin and pull off a sexy look everywhere you go. They also play a practical role when lifting or pushing objects and increase your strength capacity during workout sessions.


Looking for an efficient way to bid skinny arms goodbye? Well, take a look at a number of workout techniques and handy tips to turn that fantasy into a reality.

Practical Techniques to Help You Tone Your Arms

1. Wrist Extension

This exercise specifically targets the extensor muscles in your wrists, increasing both their size and strength. To pull it off, sit on the edge of a chair with a dumbbell in one hand. Start by placing the left forearm on the left thigh, arm facing downwards. The left wrist should be sitting right on top of the left kneecap. Curl up the dumbbell towards your bicep, as far back as you can, without lifting the wrist of the thigh and then lower it back to the starting point. Repeat on both arms to fatigue.

2. Overhead Tricep Extension

For this move, stand straight with your knees bent slightly and feet hip-distance apart. Hold your core tight and with elbows fully extended, bring a dumbbell in each hand over the head. Keeping your upper arms close to the ears, bend the elbows and lower the dumbbells behind the head. Extend elbows to reverse the move and repeat the exercise to fatigue.

3. Concentrated Curls

Take a low squat position with feet wider than hip-distance apart. Angle toes slightly upwards and fix upper arms on the insides of the thighs. Keeping the torso tall, bend the elbows and lift dumbbells up towards the shoulders. Extend elbows to reverse the move and repeat to fatigue.

Crucial Tips to Keep in Mind

In order to make the most of these arm toning exercises. There are a number of crucial pointers to keep in mind:

a) Choose Appropriate Weights

One of the most important things when using dumbbells for arm exercises is to ensure you use proper weights. If at all there is to be a marked difference in muscle strength, the selected weights have to make an impact. While you should be comfortable enough with your choice of weights, they should be heavy enough to make you struggle, especially in the final repetitions.

b) Consistency Counts

Starting a routine is a waste of time if you cannot stick to it. Besides choosing the best forearm workouts, you also need to keep up the routine so as to retain the results.

c) Spice Things Up

Though it is important to establish a routine that you enjoy, you should mix things up every so often. This does not necessitate an overhaul of the entire routine. Even minor changes, such as increasing the weights could make a world of difference.

A World of Benefits

To maximize on the efficiency of your workouts, you need to give these arm toning exercises as much attention as your other routines. Stronger, well-toned arms are not just great for showing off in sleeveless shirts and sundresses. They also boost your other workout routines, giving you the strength to keep going.

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