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Top-watched Gambling Streamers for 2021


Today’s YouTube streamers have become a trendy craze no matter what they stream. Let alone real slot playing in the best brick-and-mortar casinos of the USA, UK, Australia, and other countries where offline gambling is legal.

Why Join A Slot Streamer?

Almost every slot machine channel on YouTube is fun. But besides entertainment, you can explore real cash slots by watching how another guy grabs millions on it.

Surely, many bloggers collaborate with casinos and are interested in making you register with their affiliate partners. With the top trusted and viewed streams, you are free to do it or not, but what is guaranteed is hours and hours of amusement and education.

Best Real Slot Streamers

Get our top 5 worthy slot machine channels on YouTube you can join right away. Daily videos full of extreme excitement and helpful hints are what you will gain on each of them (Data provided by NSG Streamers Rating).

  1. SDGuy 1234 YouTube Casino Streamer

This streamer claims to start casino streams back in 2008. The older videos might not be the most stunning show to watch, but now this is one of the best real slot blogs on YouTube.

  • 140K+ subscribers
  • 6,928+ videos
  • 140,128,079+ views
  • 2,690,565+ likes
  1. Lady Luck HQ Casino Streamer

How to hit superb prizes in high-stake real slots? Learn about it from daily Lady Luck HQ reports on their slot adventures in casinos of Las Vegas and other US cities. The channel offers lots of specialties like “Trending Tuesday” or “Who’s Getting Lucky” sections which you certainly have to get to know.

  • 190K+ subscribers
  • 1,339+ videos
  • 95,226,967+ views
  • 1,911,571+ likes
  1. The Big Jackpot YouTube Casino Streamer

The Big Jackpot streamer unites gamblers aimed at high-roller stakes and king-size wins. Indeed huge jackpots are what Scott Richter, the channel’s cheerleader, spins for. Get ready for the most striking videos with incredibly huge prizes and incredibly disappointing losses.

  • 339K+ subscribers
  • 3,302+ videos
  • 129,156,537+ views
  • 2,509,432+ likes
  1. NG Slot YouTube Casino Streamer

There’s not much info on this guy; however, NG Slot is exactly what you need when you enjoy amusing real slot vlogs taken directly from offline casinos of the US. With lots of extras on different social networks and top games unscrambled, this channel is very close to the top of our list.

  • 294K+ subscribers
  • 3,278+ videos
  • 252,206,285+ views
  • 6,392,267+ likes
  1. Brian Christopher YouTube Casino Streamer

And the hottest streamer is Brian Christopher’s stream channel with about half a million subscribers. You can watch funny ‘how-to-play’ videos devoted to slot games with bets ranging from $1 to $1,000. The channel invites you to participate in various specialties, and many more.

  • 453K+ subscribers
  • 2,898+ videos
  • 295,108,355+ views
  • 6,276,022+ likes

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