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Washington Redskins – The Story Behind the Team Name

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It seems appropriate to look back on the history of the name Redskins with the announcement of the Washington Football Team unveiling the new team name on February 2. Unofficial leaks have hinted that it may be Commanders or Admirals, if you have any interest. We do not, of course, since boycotting the national Football League as a media outlet since Week 3 of the 2017 season due to the kneeling protest and subsequent partisan political favoritism. Our only ‘coverage,’ per se, of the NFL since then has been of the critical and heritage variety.

Fall 2017 Issue

Since 2020, the name Redskins was dropped after the organization caved into political pressure from Native Americans and their supporters. (Editor’s Note: This group of people are actually from Asia and migrated to the Americas over the Bearing Strait, hence the reason why many continents have residents with Mongoloid skulls.) The ‘woke’ sportswriters previously refused to use the Redskins name and simply called them the Washington Football Team. Hence, a new and short three-year era was born when ownership officially adopted that as a temporary name.

But where and why did the name originate for the franchise over eight decades ago?

The NFL awarded a team to Boston in 1932 and in those days, many of them simply took on the nickname of the city’s baseball team and played at the same stadium. So the Redskins, ironically enough, were originally the Boston Braves. The team was mediocre (4-4-2) and had trouble drawing fans, so owner George Preston Marshall moved them across town to Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, and changed the team name to Redskins.


More subpar seasons on the field and at the turnstile commenced and even when the team won the Eastern Division with a 7-5 record, it was agreed upon by all parties involved to play the NFL Championship Game at the Polo Grounds in New York City, home of the Giants. The Green Bay Packers (who went 10-1-1 to win the Western Division), won the title by a 21-6 score and with that, the Redskins moved to Washington, DC and kept the nickname.


So it is very ironic that a team which was strong armed to change its name was originally one that has told cancel culture to go fuck itself.

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