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How Drug Abuse Can Impact You When You Least Expect It


Drug addiction affects human beings, making them unable to function in a normal, healthy manner. It causes one to be dependent on drugs to cope with everyday challenges of life, be they work-related or otherwise. Such people must find help either through rehab or counseling to get their lives back on track. Drug abuse if untreated can have extremely adverse effects on a person’s life as outlined below:

  • Weakened immune system

Abuse of drugs can impact your health negatively, as prolonged use can lead to the damage of body organs. Often, the use of hard drugs takes a toll on the functioning of your liver, brain, nervous system and can even lead to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. The use of drugs often has other side effects such as a loss of appetite, lack of sleep or too much sleep, and reduced movement. A person who is abusing drugs does not watch their diet or take care of themselves mentally or physically. This in turn weakens their immune system making them susceptible to other diseases.

  • Financial crisis

Prolonged use of drugs alters the functioning of the brain and your body gains a type of tolerance to these drugs. As a result, one has to take up larger doses of the drug to achieve the same euphoria as experienced before. Hard drugs especially can be quite expensive and one may end up using desperate measures to get more of the drug. This can range from borrowing friends, family, and colleagues and in extreme cases, selling one’s belongings. Getting more money for more drugs can be quite risky, and it can lead to overdose consequently leading to heart attacks, seizures, stroke, or even death.

  • Deteriorated relationships

As highlighted above, drug abusers often turn to unconventional ways to acquire the money needed to maintain the habit. This can lead to a strain in relationships as loved ones try and help the abuser quit their ways and begin their journey to recovery. Friends and family of a person suffering from drug addiction are often forced to turn to extreme measures to help them, such as cutting them off financially or forcing them into rehab. These turns are often taken when a person does not want to get clean and their family must do what they can to help them. This consequently leads to severed relationships and broken families in instances where children are forced to group in the foster care systems.

  • Accidents

There are different categories of drugs, all of which can affect your body in various ways. For instance, alcohol and opiates such as heroin are depressants and tend to slow down the functioning of your body. In large doses, they can affect your judgment and pose a risk when operating heavy machinery or driving vehicles. Hallucinogens such as mushrooms and LSD may cause a person to see or feel things that are not there, therefore leading to damage of items or even self-harm.

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