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Bostin Loyd Passes Away at 29

Very sad news to report with the passing of Bostin Loyd, who has left us at the young age of 29. He apparently collapsed at his home after returning from the gym and his wife Ariella Palumbo called 911. There will be an autopsy conducted and the cause of death is undetermined at this time. Loyd has been battling kidney issues since 2020.

Now is not the time to speculate and we should take this time to pray for Loyd’s family, which includes Palumbo, their toddler son Braxton and his parents Jon Loyd and Marie Raia.

Loyd graced the cover of our Fall 2015 issue and has been a columnist for us ever since. Palumbo has contributed to mSm, as well.

Below is Loyd’s last social media post from three days ago and he gets into some detail about his health.


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