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More Muscular Women

MuscleSport Mag has always been a place where fans of female bodybuilding could go to see their favorite competitors and also their every day sistren who do not take the stage, but look the part, nonetheless. Many muscular women have graced our pages and covers over the years and we have no plans on changing that… except to say that you will be getting even more of them!

Our Sisters In Iron will be getting some top billing in the magazine, website, app, Instagram Live broadcasts and MuscleSport TV videos. And we are not limiting it just to ‘bodybuilders,’ per se, but rather any muscular ladies. So if you’re a fan of figure, you’ll get your dose, as well.

The timing couldn’t be any better with us leaving for the Arnold Sports Festival, nee Classic, in the morning. So we will be on the lookout for interviews, videos and photos with these ladies. If you’re going to be in Columbus, Ohio this weekend, let us know and we’ll meet up.

The topics of these interviews will run the gamut, from training, nutrition, supplementation, chemical enhancement and lifestyle.

If you’re one of these women who wants to be profiled by mSm, or know someone who would, drop us a line at


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