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mSm Appearance at Pro-Fit Deer Park Gym

We will be at Pro-Fit Deer Park Gym (the BEST GYM on Long Island) on Tuesday, April 5 from 5-8PM EST. Our pop-up booth will be the location for a number of interviews that will include gym owner Alix Louca and trainer Anthony Tumminello, who is also a columnist for our print (and accompanying online) magazine. We will also be interviewing more of the staff and the gym members.

When we did the Tumminello cover launch party on August 20, 2019, it was an amazing evening and we expect to experience that once again.

There will be mSm apparel and magazines available, as well. Want to subscribe that night? We will get you started right away with the current issue (Volume 13, Number 1) and can take credit card payments there.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also have an Instagram Live broadcast of “Wellness Center of NY Presents The Bodybuilding Lifestyle.”

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Pro-Fit Deer Park Gym

41 Mercedes Way

Edgewood, New York


(631) 782-6300


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