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Dan The Beast Severn / USFL Week 2 Recap / Arnold Expo / Muscle Gear Ron Bolle & Nay Ness MSTV S6E9

MSTV is our flagship weekly variety program which features what we like to call our ‘host of hosts.’ Segments include:

*Interview with MMA and wrestling legend Dan “The Beast” Severn at the booth at the Arnold Classic Expo

*Interview with Ron Bolle and Nay Ness at the Arnold Expo Muscle booth

*USFL Extra Point

Week 2 Season 6, Episode 9​...

We would like to thank Old Skool Iron for once again being the title sponsor of all our coverage (before, during and after) the 2022 Arnold Classic, nee Sports Festival.


We are proud to announce that Old Skool Iron is our title sponsor of all our coverage. Be sure to visit their website for information on franchising. If you have an existing gym or are interesting in opening one, gain that advantage of having a great reputation.



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