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What Are Some Good Rewards for Weight Loss?

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So, you have lost at least some of the weight and are looking for rewards. First, congratulations! I bet you are looking and feeling like a million bucks. Whether you have a few more pounds to go, a lot to drop, or have succeeded with your goal, you deserve a reward for your hard work. If you’re anything like me, your old reward would have been a huge sweet that would set new you back from your goals, so here are some great ideas for weight loss incentive rewards.

A Little Now, A Lot Later

If you are not quite at your goal and could use some motivation, here are some ideas for a quick reward that will keep you moving towards your fitness goal. Like the incentives listed out by Diva and the Divine here, these do not include food:

New Workout Clothes

You’re on the way to becoming a new you, so why not get a new fit? Being cute is not about impressing everyone else, it’s about making you feel good about yourself and if you’re wearing worn-out clothes to the gym, chances are you aren’t feeling great and are looking worse. This also helps motivate you to keep working out. You are buying supplies for your new hobby so stick with it.

Yoga Mat

Before getting a yoga mat, I was using a rug in my living room, and let me tell you, the yoga mat is so worth it. They help cushion your entire body and can be used for more than just yoga. They come in a ton of designs to fit your aesthetic and a range of prices to fit your budget. Being comfortable while you’re working out will make you feel even more enjoyment from getting physical.

A Nap

Let’s face it, working out can give you energy, but sometimes you feel like catching some Z’s. Give yourself a break and let yourself take a nap as a reward for working out. It’s one of the few things you can do for yourself that is completely free and worth it!

Big Goal, Bigger Reward

Are you halfway to your goal weight? Are you lifting more and feeling a lift in your mood? These are some ideas for rewarding yourself for working out and becoming healthier. These options are a little higher in price than the previous section but can be the perfect motivator to continue your journey and get to the shape you want to be in.

A New Kitchen Gadget

All sorts of kitchen gadgets have been popping up in recent years to make eating healthy all that much easier. Have you been eyeing an air fryer to indulge in the delicious crunch of fried foods? Now is a good time to look at a slightly more expensive reward that will keep treating you and your hard work while helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A Fitness Coach

If you plan on continuing your journey, visit body transformation coach for access to their fitness expertise. They are an online fitness coaching company that can help you reach your goals much more efficiently. This is a big goal, but the biggest is to come and they can help you reach it!

New Shoes

Did you know you can drop a shoe size when you lose weight? Your feet can also lose a bit of width and if your old shoes are feeling a bit worn out, an awesome big goal reward for losing weight is a new pair of shoes, and not necessarily tennis shoes. Get those comfy slip-on shoes you have had your eye on or maybe a pair you can go out dancing in. While it may not seem like a huge investment, getting good, new shoes can make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Grand Finale, Grand Reward

Have you completed your fitness journey and are now living a healthy lifestyle? Eat This, Not That has some amazing ideas for goals across your fitness journey you can read about here. Below are a few more ideas that make you feel like your journey is complete and now you can keep sailing in your new fit life.

Wardrobe Change

With a new body comes a need for new clothes. Your old form-fitting clothes may not be so form-fitting anymore and if you were in for a big weight loss journey, you might feel like your old clothes make you look like a closed umbrella. An update for your wardrobe is a great final reward for making it to your fitness goals. It can make you feel amazing to finally get to properly show off the product of your hard work.

Dream Vacation

Another huge victory goal idea is a dream vacation. You made your fitness dream come true, why not shoot for another lofty goal? The beaches are calling your name, or maybe you’d love to hike the beautiful trails across America. There is a huge planet with thousands of vacation destinations perfect for a huge weight loss success story goal.

Body Analysis

This one may not be as obvious now that you have hit your fitness goals, but if you have been keeping in contact with your doctor as you should while dieting, ask about a body analysis. They can help you compare how your body has changed not only on the scale but as a whole. Losing weight can affect everything from cholesterol to cancer risks and knowing exactly what good you have done for your body can make keeping your body healthy feel even better.

A Final Reward

The best reward you can give yourself at any point in a fitness journey is positive affirmation. Remind yourself that being healthy makes you feel better physically and mentally. Positive affirmations can help keep you from losing hope when you have hit a plateau. It can push you to go a little farther in your run or put on a few extra pounds on your bar to lift. More important than anything, being healthy is about feeling good about yourself, and feeling good about yourself should be everyone’s ultimate goal.

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