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Tom Platz’s Squat Record Being Challenged

“Records are made to be broke; I hope they both can do it.” Tom Platz is encouraging the two men who are trying to break his squat record that he set back in 1992 in Essen, Germany. On that day, the bodybuilder known as “The Golden Eagle” squatted 525 pounds for an amazing 23 reps. What made the story something seemingly out of folklore was that it was accomplished in a ‘squat off’ between Platz and powerlifter “Dr. Squat” Fred Hatfield in a quest to answer the age old question of who is stronger – a powerlifter or bodybuilder?

On Saturday, June 4 at Flex Lewis’s The Dragons Lair Gym in Las Vegas, Joe Sullivan and Jake Benson will both get in the rack and give it their best shot to unseat Platz as the best ever. It will be a dusting task and something that no one has been able to do in nearly three decades.

“We had a lot of camaraderie,” Platz said of Hatfield,” and we wanted to see how the powerlifting technique would be versus the bodybuilding.”

“At that time, I had been retired from bodybuilding for about four years and I swear on my life that I wasn’t on anything (anabolic steroids),” continued Platz. “And I had previously squatted 755 pounds for one rep, so going down to 525, it felt like a feather.”

Spectators are encouraged to arrive at the gym before 12 noon when the challenge is scheduled to start.


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