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Sports Massage For Back: Why Is It Useful For Bodybuilders?

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Many people love back massages. This procedure perfectly relieves tension after a working day, restores strength, allows you to cope with stress and improves mood. Apart from that, back massage occupies a special place in the process of training athletes.

As well as relaxing SPA and massages, which are done in top salons like the SPA center in Abu Dhabi, back massage is recommended for everyone involved in fitness and bodybuilding. This technique allows you to prepare the athlete’s body for the load, withstand intense training, cope with and recover from the injury faster.

The main pros of massage for a bodybuilder

Massage allows you to increase your productivity and helps you make the most of your physical abilities. Heavy workloads and injuries negatively affect an athlete’s progress, but massage can help combat this by allowing you to build muscle mass as well as develop a more symmetrical body.

#1. Range of motion


Massage treatments support a healthy range of motion for a bodybuilder. Muscle tension limits range of motion and stiffens muscle fibers, which can lead to injury. Massage stretches muscle fiber bundles along and across the body, increasing tissue flexibility.

#2. Recovery

Muscles need to restore normal levels of nutrients in order to heal microtrauma and start muscle growth. Massage accelerates recovery by increasing the permeability of muscle tissue and improving microcirculation, which improves the flow of fluid and nutrients.

This facilitates the removal of harmful substances from the body, such as lactic acid, which accumulates during exercise and prevents muscle contraction. Massage improves microcirculation by opening and stretching the blood vessels, so nutrients are absorbed more efficiently.

In combination with a complex of passive gymnastics, sports massage increases endurance, maintains athletic shape, and also eliminates fatigue and restores strength during or after training.

#3. Muscle tone

Massage benefits the physique of a well-built bodybuilder by improving blood circulation, which enhances muscular tone. Damaged or tight muscular tissues don’t retain blood efficiently and hence lose tone. The sports massage technique involves moving fluids across blood arteries and lymph nodes, generating a vacuum effect in the vessels. It boosts muscular tone by allowing stiff and injured muscle fibers to get useful nutrients they need to heal and develop.

#4. Injury prevention


Regular sports massage helps prevent many injuries. This is especially true for the muscles of the back, which work (dynamically or statically) when performing any movements both in the gym and in everyday life. Back massage should become a mandatory element of the training program for bodybuilders who have to work with heavy weights almost every day, which increases the load on the spine and back muscles.

#5. Psychological preparation

Massage before a workout or competition has huge benefits for a bodybuilder as it helps to prepare not only physically but also mentally for the challenge. Moreover, training increases stress levels, which reduces an athlete’s performance and limits progress. Massage relaxes and reduces stress levels.

When should a bodybuilder do a back massage?

Usually, athletes turn to a massage therapist only in case of injury or overtraining, when they feel pain, muscle tightening and discomfort during movement. However, these conditions can be avoided by doing sports massage before or after exercise.

Before training, the athlete is given a warm-up massage, which prepares the bodybuilder for the load and increases his performance. This massage stimulates the redistribution of blood in the body, improving the blood supply to the working muscles. Massage also increases blood flow to the heart. To achieve this effect, warm-up massage should include such techniques as kneading, squeezing, shaking, felting.

Back massage after a workout relieves fatigue from the muscles, prevents the occurrence of many injuries. Thanks to the massage, blood circulation, muscle tone and muscle excitability are normalized. Since the back is an extensive reflexogenic zone, it is the massage of this area that allows you to achieve maximum results in relaxing and restoring the whole body.

For restorative massage, kneading, rubbing, vibration and stretching techniques are used. The procedure should be carried out no earlier than half an hour after training.

Wrap up

In order for a bodybuilder to feel all the benefits of this procedure, a professional should do a back massage. Take the time to massage, for those who work with heavy weights, additional support for the back muscles is vital. This will allow you to avoid many health problems, which means you will reach your goal faster.

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