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RAD 140- What it is

RAD 140, commonly known as Testolone is a popularly known drug that is primarily used by bodybuilders and gym-goers. It is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) that is considered to be the most effective and potent of all its types. It is currently under research for its safe usage. It has undergone the initial phases of human trials and is progressing successfully.

Initially produced and used as testosterone replacement therapy, RAD 140 is now vastly used by fitness and bodybuilding individuals. Its popularity is mainly because of its fewer side effects and natural composition as compared to other bodybuilding supplements. It also provides the ease of ingestion with no requirement of injecting it unlike other muscle-building drugs.

Benefits of RAD-140:

Below listed are some of the benefits of RAD 140:

  • Increased density of bones

RAD-140 promotes the growth of bone density in cases as the SARMs function by binding to receptors of androgen of the bone.

  • Massive muscle gain

The drug helps to gain muscle mass without leaving the undesirable side effects of a steroid. The binding of androgen receptors to promotes the growth of muscle tissues.

  • Targeted Fat burning abilities

RAD-140 targets the excess body fat and changes it to gain muscles. Muscle growth is directly linked to the burning of fat as well.

  • Elevated levels of energy

Testolone is linked strongly with increasing energy levels and the performance of its users. This is the desired result for all individuals involved in gym training or sports.

  • Higher testosterone levels

Testosterone production is stimulated as a byproduct of androgen receptor activation. The levels are within the normal range, causing no harm.

Dosage of RAD 140:

The recommended dosage of RAD-140 in accord with various bodybuilders is to start at 10 mg to 30 mg for men whereas 5 mg to 10 mg for women. You can start with the lowest number and gradually increase the dosage when your body feels acquainted with it.

Side effects of RAD-140:

The main concern when using RAD-140 is that there is very litter scientific research on the product, leading to doubting its ability. As with any drug when RAD-140 is used without caution, it may cause various side effects.

Some of the notable side effects are:

  • Suppression of Testosterone:

RAD-140 may cause excessive buildup of estrogen leading to suppressed testosterone. This can be avoided by using the drug in a proper manner and usage of dosage cycling.

  • Increased Aggression:

This is a very commonly reported issue and is because the drugs work in a way to boost the user’s energy level. That is why is recommended to take RAD-140 only prior to an extensive workout.

  • Liver and Kidney Damage:

Some people associate kidney or liver damage with the intake of RAD-140, however, minimal to no data on such results is seen in clinical research.

Other mild symptoms may include nausea, headache, or mood swings. Using RAD-140 in the appropriate dosage and the correct cycle will ensure avoiding any of the possible side effects it has.

Where to buy RAD-140:

Various fitness and sports platforms have RAD-140 for sale, no prescription is required for their purchase. A number of manufacturers have started to produce it because of its gaining popularity. The drug is available in liquid and white powdered capsule form as well.

Final note:

In conclusion, RAD-140 may be the perfect alternative to excessive side-effect-causing drugs for you. It works in the required manner to benefit various bodybuilders and gym-goers as well. Its intake in the recommended manner and cycle avoids all of the possible side effects it may pose. Further scientific research and human trials can guarantee its safety and usage as well.

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