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What Are the Best Gifts to Give a Soccer Fan?


Whether it’s their birthday or any other special occasion, a soccer fan you know deserves only the best gift. If you are not sure where to get started, here are a few of the best gifts you can give to a certified soccer fanatic.

  1. A signed jersey

If the person is an avid collector of soccer memorabilia, give them a jersey of their favorite player with their autograph on it. This could cost you thousands of dollars, especially if the jersey belongs to a legend like Ronaldo or Messi. Fortunately, you can find autograph jerseys just about anywhere online. Check out specialty stores where you can score the best deals for autographed jerseys.

  1. Branded cleats

Does the person enjoy playing soccer as much as watching a game from the benches? Consider giving them a kit that includes a pair of high-quality cleats that the top players also wear. Whether manufactured by brands like Adidas or Puma, high-quality cleats are guaranteed to improve their performance during local soccer tournaments. Just be sure to get their shoe size and their favorite color. You can also save yourself the trouble of picking a good pair of cleats by knowing whether they have a certain style or model in mind.

  1. A copy of the latest FIFA

In case the person is an avid gamer, you can give them a copy of a FIFA game. The most recent installment is FIFA 22 which was launched in October of last year. It features new skill moves, smarter AI opponents, and more fluid ball mechanics. Even if you are not a gamer, giving them this game is a great way to help them to love the game even more. Apart from FIFA, there are also other video games made for devoted soccer fans such as Pro Evolution Soccer, which is now known as eFootball. If the person has a VR system like the Oculus Rift, give them a copy of Final Soccer VR.

  1. Tickets to a soccer match

Are they used to watching a game through a screen? You can always bring them to an actual game where they can show their love for their favorite team. If you want to take the experience to the next level, you might want to bring them along for a flight to Europe where they can watch UEFA Champions League or FIFA World Cup matches. While expensive, taking them to a live match to see their favorite international football club in action is well worth the cost.

  1. Novelty items

If you don’t have the budget for a trip to watch a European football game, you can always give the person quirky novelty items. Everything from a light-up LED soccer ball to a mini foosball table can be found anywhere online. You just have to pick items other than a commemorative mug or a tumbler!

When it comes to giving a soccer fan something on their special day, you will need to put some thought into it. Consider these tips as you go out looking for the best gift.

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