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5 Websites That Accept Casino Guest Posts

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Did you know that several online gambling sites welcome casino guest posts? Provided your contribution meets certain guidelines, you can easily become a published writer with your article appearing on one of the most popular gambling websites on the internet. In this article we will look at the types of casino content online gambling sites will consider, break down guest post requirements, and include where you can contribute your blogs.


What Types of Casino Content Are Accepted


Guest posting at an online casino site is a great opportunity to reach an audience that is focused on internet wagering activity. With this in mind, the topic selection you should consider must fall under one of these headings.



This is no longer a game restricted to adults and seniors seeking ways to just pass the time. Research has found that online bingo is attracting a much younger audience and has for the past several years. Players aged between 18 and 35 are finding bingo as something other than a game to win cash and prizes. The new generation of bingo players uses the game as a form of mental exercise. Blog posts with connections between the game and mental health are good ones to write and contribute to online sites like Gamblers Daily Digest.



Players of these games are typically highly intelligent mathematicians who spend a lot of time pouring over stats, charts, and other strategic tools. The types of guest posts that would interest this crowd would have to feature infographics, reports, and graphs.



Depending on the audience you are trying to attract, blog posts on casinos can take a couple of different directions. If you work in the industry and have some inside knowledge that could be useful to a reader, that could make for an interesting contribution. Another approach could be with case studies and white papers to increase your trustworthiness within the industry.


Gambling News

No shortage of gambling news appears online. Finding an interesting angle and rewriting a news release or story can help you gain credibility within your peer group. These kinds of articles are welcome at Gambling News Magazine.


Online Gambling

The best way to encourage new gamblers to bet real money at online casinos is to educate them on the finer things about internet wagering. There are many differences between online casinos and land-based ones. Articles that discuss this and examine what makes an online site interesting would be good topic ideas. Online Casino Gems would be a good place to submit your articles revolving around the world of online gambling.



Poker is a game that requires a great deal of skill. It is a mental game that involves a fair amount of psychology as well. Topic ideas for great guest posts can include topics on how to master opponents, how to become a professional poker player and blogs that explain poker terms and game strategies.



It’s all about the odds with roulette. Good guest post ideas come from examining such tactics as betting strategies to increase the odds of winning. Another good approach to articles on this game is explaining all there is to know about roulette aimed at beginners.


Slot Machines

The interesting thing about slots is that it takes little or no skill. All a player must do is ensure there are credits in the machine being played and just press the spin or bet button. It is a casino game that targets beginners simply because it is so easy to play. Articles that discuss the mechanics behind slots, the differences between video and manual slots, and descriptions of themed slot machines and the bonuses they offer are all good topic ideas that would be worth submitting to Weekly Slot News.


Sports Betting and Racing

Sports betting online is still fairly new. It is also very tactical. Bettors spend a lot of time deep in research and articles touching on this will be of interest to these types of gamblers. Topics can be statistical analyses or guides to sports betting. These can fit well at NJ Gambling Fun.


Guest Post Guidelines


Here are some general guidelines to follow for online casino guest posts:



Guest posts should be long-form in format running 1,000 words minimum and topics should be well-researched.



The five casino websites listed below will only accept original content. This means that whatever you submit should have not been published anywhere else online.



If required, the website you submit your guest post to may find it necessary to modify your submission. This will happen only if the modification is needed to permit the submission to conform to the website guidelines. Contributors will be informed of any changes made to their articles.



The website operators reserved the right to refuse a blog submission for any reason they see fit.



Contributors are encouraged to include images with their submissions. These can be charts, tables, or drawings and the contributor must own the copyright of the images. A maximum of three can be included with an article submission.


The Five Casino Sites That Accept Guest Posts


Here is a list of the gambling sites that welcome submissions and a brief outline of the types of submissions they accept.


Gamblers Daily Digest

This is a general gambling news site. Categories found here include Poker News, Casinos, Other Games, and Learn To Play. For more information on guest posts click here.


Gambling News Magazine

This is another general gambling news site. It also contains sections on learning specific game strategies to improve your skills. To submit a guest post, click here.


Weekly Slot News

Although this is an online gambling news site, the main focus is news and information on slot machines. To submit a guest post, click here.


Online Casino Gems

This site is filled with casino news and information related to specific casino operators. The categories include Slots, Bonuses, Online Casinos, Games, News, and Player Resources. You can submit your contribution here.


NJ Gambling Fun

This site features news and reviews of online casino sites. Tabs found on the home page include NJ Online Casinos, NJ Poker Sites, Casino Bonuses, Sports Betting, News, and Guides. To submit, click here.


Final Thoughts


Several online gambling sites accept guest posts. As long as you meet the posting requirements and offer content that fits the specific site, you could become a published writer.

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