Finding a Real Gym

By Darren Mnahan, Old Skool Iron The world of gyms has evolved to the world of fitness facilities seen today, with child care, juice bars, pizza parties and goofy shirt or sock day. Really?  WTF does any of that have to do with getting stronger, both mentally and physically? The answer is, “nothing,” but it does have a lot to do with making money for the owners or franchise. This is what it takes now days to get people in the door of a fitness facility; it’s no longer about physical fitness.


Keeping the doors open of a real strength training gym is very difficult. Even well known gyms from the past have fallen prey to the new world of the fitness facility in order to make money and stay open. Yes there are more and more so called garage type gyms opening up lately but they are hard to find and will they be able to remain open? If you want to succeed in your training you need to hunt out, support and train at these gyms. If you can’t find any, try and find an old hard core gym that has turned into a franchise fitness facility. Chances are they will still have some of the old real strength equipment and barbells.


My parents would tell me “You are who you hang around.” Dave Ramsey (a famous financial advisor) says if you want to be a millionaire, than you must hang around millionaires and do what millionaires do.



You do hear of some well known lifters training alone in a basement somewhere and then coming to the meets and breaking records. Some people might be able to do that but most need some other type of help and motivation. If you want to get stronger in powerlifting than go hang around and train with other powerlifters. Find guys stronger than you, they will know where a good gym is.


You must find the right gym to improve and succeed in your training. When going into a new gym (or fitness facility) ask some questions. Ask where they keep the squat bars. Ask where you are allowed to do deadlifts. If the 20 year experienced fitness facility manager looks at you confused about the squat bar question or tells you deadlifts are bad for your back then you need to run as far away from the place as possible. You might be able to get by for awhile at one of these places but your progress is going to be hampered by the equipment and atmosphere of the place. Look around when you are in there, people sitting on machines, looking at themselves in the mirror, that’s who you will become, because that is who you are hanging around with.


I have personally seen people go into a real gym and set 5lb to 40lb PR’s in the first day just from using the right equipment and the atmosphere of the place. PR’s the first day and we haven’t even got into correcting their fucked up form yet. You want to improve? Find the right the gym for the type of training you want to succeed in. I have driven over 45miles one way to get to the right gym. Some people drive two hours one way on the weekends to train at our gym. Why? Because they see the value and improvements they make by training at the right gym. Try it I guarantee your training will improve.


Top 5 Mistakes People Make in the Gym

Are you planning to join the fitness club in your town? Probably, you already plan to spend your time doing everything possible in the gym. Some common mistakes can negatively affect your dream. The internet and fitness journals are full of great tips on how to get the best from the gym especially for bodybuilders and athletes. This makes the enhancement gear you use like Oxandrolone – give you the best results. Your carefully chosen diet will also not go to waste. Below is a list of common mistakes to avoid in the gym.

Having a Poor Plan

Have you ever heard of workout cycles? These are highly planned routines covering a certain period of time. They cover each exercise one will complete at any specific time, the intensity and time it will take. Even if you will not use a cycle plan, planning your weekly gym schedule is very crucial. People who just walk into a gym center and do anything are bound to fail in whatever dream they have. Make a plan today to avoid being a victim.

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Overdoing the Exercises

Of course, you have just joined the gym, and your dreams are too big. Whether you have a limited time to fit in that dress for your upcoming event or you need to get ripped before the next bodybuilding tournament, overdoing it at the gym is not anywhere near the solution. According to experts, straining the body too much will lead to the breakdown of the nervous system or injuries. In this state, no one is able to continue with the plan.

Resting for Too Long

If you don’t know, resting is very crucial during the workout sessions or cycles. In fact, it must appear on your schedule. However, doing it for too long while in the gym is wrong. If you have a habit of resting for over 15 minutes between sets, then this is wrong for your plans. After a warm-up and stretching, the body should maintain the momentum until the end of the session. Otherwise, this will lead to muscle and blood circulation problems.

Not Checking Your Hormones

Any athlete, bodybuilder or weight loss enthusiast must understand that the best results in a gym rely on how you balance the hormone production in the body. For instance, a bodybuilder must always have enough testosterone to promote muscle growth. Assuming that all is at an optimum level is like sitting on a time bomb. The best practice is to have regular check-ups by a qualified medical practitioner. There are also various self-checking kits that one can use at any given time.

Expecting Immediate Results

If you join the gym today and expect to see results after a few days, then you are in for a disappointment. Generally, it takes some weeks or months to see visible results. Additionally, people take different amounts of time to respond to exercise, and understanding your response time is the best thing. A fitness instructor will help you understand more about the gym expectations and milestones.


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The unique BCAA blend that includes 5 grams of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine gives you the energy boost and proper recovery to take on your toughest workouts.  In addition, the 36 mcg of Hyperzine, the 350 mg of Caffeine, and the 2 grams of Creatine, helps your ability to focus more and you build massive muscle mass for greater results.  As you can see, this breakthrough product provides you with a new pre-workout edge for greater gains.  Are you ready for explosive muscle power?