Three Instagram Live Shows Per Week

We are proud to announce that we will be broadcasting three Instagram Live (@musclesportmag) shows every week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – all at 3PM EST. The mSm Family was first formed as a result of our live shows and they have become a ritual of sorts for our core audience and newcomers alike.

MONDAYS – Hot Stuff Nutritionals Presents MuscleSport Radio

WEDNESDAY – Legal Steroids Presents Gearin’ Up

THURSDAY – Titan Medical Center Presents Ask Me Anything – mSm Style

All of the shows are archived on our Instagram page for 24 hours then available on our MuscleSportTV YouTube channel. So if you miss one, you can catch up right away. We also archive all of the episodes on our website with specific pages dedicated to each show.




Promo: Ask Me Anything – mSm Style 6/7/18


On the 6/7/18 episode of “Ask Me Anything – mSm Style,” we spoke about host Joe Pietaro’s upcoming back surgery, (ironically) different back workouts, Phil Heath’s Olympia run, Family member John Starner getting on stage at the Chicago Fit Expo & more.

Thursdays at 3 PM EST on Instagram Live (@musclesportmag) & archived on youTube (MuscleSportTV) &