MSTV – Jay Cutler, Derina Wilson, Gym Gang, Mavrick

More footage from the Arnold Classic Expo, as well as the LA Fit Expo. We had so many interviews that are worthy of being included & there is only so many minutes in each weekly MSTV episode. Interviews include: Jay Cutler, Derina Wilson, Mavrick & mSm Family member Chad Schiave.

Segments include: Handi Capable Fitness starring James Norris, Workout Blue Barbie starring Officer Ashley Smith, Gym Gang & The Nose Knows. Old Skool Iron Presents our coverage of the 2018 Arnold Classic.

MSTV – Season 2, Episode 10.


MSTV – Kali Muscle, Paulo “The Freak” Almeida

Our LA Fit Expo coverage also continues with interviews with Kali Muscle, Paulo “The Freak” Almeida, Aaron Singerman, Deimos, Nutrition Vixen & mSm Fam member Ivan Drako. mSm LA Fit Expo coverage brought to you by

We also are joined by James Norris in another inspirational segment of “Handi Capable Fitness,” as well as Officer Ashley Smith in “Workout Blue Barbie” and the mSm Sports Shot on the return of the XFL.

Season 2, Episode 5 “MSTV” is our weekly variety flagship program.